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End-to-end visibility for detailed recommendations

  • Rightsizing analysis based on metrics that matter most
  • Visualize assets by department or environment
  • Seamlessly move between CloudHealth and Datadog consoles


Rightsizing analysis

With Datadog’s new CloudHealth integration, you’ll be armed with the information you need to reduce cloud costs and optimize services. The Datadog agent collects granular data about the CPU, disk, and memory usage of any specific asset. CloudHealth will utilize this data in your rightsizing analysis to make recommendations around downsizing or upgrading instances when they are over or under provisioned–saving you time and money.

CloudHealth integration image

Visualize assets by department or environment with the CloudHealth integration

CloudHealth provides the ability to dynamically group your infrastructure by department, line of business, or any Perspective that is relevant to your company. You can utilize your Datadog tags when creating these Perspectives to get a centralized view of all your assets in one place alongside your other tools and services.

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Seamlessly move between CloudHealth and Datadog consoles

When using the CloudHealth platform, you are never more than 2 clicks away from Datadog’s granular data. You can view analysis, trends, and recommendations on your environment in CloudHealth, and effortlessly dive into Datadog’s performance data right in CloudHealth, or jump over to the Datadog console to explore individual assets in more detail.

CloudHealth integration image