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Visibility and control over cloud costs

  • Complementary data visibility across platforms
  • Right-sizing recommendations to manage cloud spend

Complementary insights

The seamless integration between CloudCheckr and Datadog offers a more complete picture of your cloud performance and spend. CloudCheckr provides a centralized dashboard for cost analysis, historical reporting, performance trends, and best practice recommendations, while Datadog enables a deeper layer of analytics for infrastructure and applications department wide or team accounts. This holistic visibility facilitates the accountability and control organizations need to optimize their cloud.

Cost optimization

CloudCheckr leverages performance metrics from Datadog to provide deeper visibility about account utilization to ensure instances, or virtual hosts, are used to their full potential. Integrated memory metrics from Datadog provide an accurate picture of usage, helping users make more informed decisions. CloudCheckr’s Right-Sizing Report utilizes this data for recommendations on rightsizing and rebalancing utilization of hosts to save money as you scale.