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Keep your CentOS environment fully operable

  • Monitor CentOS system behavior in real-time
  • Scope down on individual hosts with tagging
  • Overlay key metrics with events
  • Create alerts to stay informed
  • Collaborate with your team


Monitor CentOS system behavior in real-time

Monitor CentOS system level metrics like CPU, I/O, and memory usage to fully leverage your CentOS Linux platform. In addition to these, you’ll be able to analyze metrics from your entire stack. Utilize Datadog’s robust graphing capabilities to see everything in one place and in real-time.

monitor centos

Scope down on individual hosts with tagging

When trying to analyze data from machines with nearly identical configurations, it can be difficult to discern the individual machine data. Datadog automatically tags your hosts and metrics so you can analyze your CentOS environment from an aggregate, or filter down to see each specific host.

monitor centos

monitor centos

Overlay key metrics with events

There can be many events happening in your environment at any given time, and it is useful to know if other systems are affected. Datadog overlays your metrics with events so you can easily see their impact.

monitor centos

Create alerts to stay informed

There are so many things to tackle on a daily basis and reviewing system reports shouldn’t be one of them. Datadog allows you to monitor CentOS alongside your other systems and notifies you if they require your attention. You can create alerts based on metrics across different systems and indicate who you would like to include on the notification.

Collaborate with your team

When your focus is on efficiency, the last thing you want is collaboration that leads to an inbox nightmare. Datadog simplifies communication by providing an easy way to share information directly from the app. Users can discuss relevant graphs and grab the right team members with the @mention feature. For stakeholders without access to Datadog, dashboards can be shared through a public URL.