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Partner Master Classes

Partner Master Classes are exclusive virtual product trainings featuring Datadog Product Experts designed specifically with partners in mind.

With sessions for each of the core Datadog products, you’ll find just the training you’re looking for. Spend forty five minutes with us as we cover:

Datadog Log Management

The master class will cover:

  • How to position logs to your clients effectively
  • How to differentiate logs against the competition to your clients
  • The Datadog Log Management product roadmap

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Friday, February 22 @ 11:30am ET

Datadog Application Performance Monitoring

The master class will cover:

  • Why your clients need APM
  • The APM market and how Datadog fits in
  • Why Datadog APM and objection handling

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Wednesday, March 27 @ 11:30am ET