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Simplified IoT Operations with HiveMQ and Datadog

In an IoT system, it’s typical to have a large number of clients publishing messages to a MQTT broker that flows the messages to a range of backend databases or processing pipelines at any given moment. This makes full observability of your brokers paramount for ensuring availability and performance.

With Datadog’s new HiveMQ integration, you can collect, visualize, and alert on key data including client connection activity and message throughput—correlated alongside metrics and events from all your other backend services.

In this webinar, Florian Raschbichler (HiveMQ Head of Support) and Jimmy Caputo (Datadog Product Manager) will demonstrate how Datadog can easily be used to monitor the activity of an IoT system based on HiveMQ.

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Florian Raschbichler

Head of Support, HiveMQ

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Jimmy Caputo

Product Manager, Datadog

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