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Google AI Observability
Fireside Chat

May 7, 2024 12:00PM EDT

For organizational leaders and enterprise executives driving digital innovation on Google Cloud, join our thought leadership fireside chat to gain actionable insights on building and monitoring applications, processing big data workloads using Vertex AI, BigQuery and Datadog, and leading DevSecOps teams through change.

The fireside will cover high-level business & AI observability themes such as:

  • Capabilities: The most exciting AI, ML, and LLM capabilities on Google in 2024
  • Products: How customers are using the Google Cloud Platform to ship AI products and features
  • Customers: Top customer applications, industries, and use cases Google and Datadog executives are seeing
  • Talent: How DevSecOps leaders can help upskill and train their teams in this fast-evolving space

Dr. Ali Arsanjani

Director of AI, Google


Sajid Mehmood

VP of Engineering, Datadog

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