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Bring Visibility to your Multi-cloud Infrastructure with Datadog and Google Cloud Anthos

July 9th, 1pm ET

Anthos is Google Cloud’s hybrid and multi-cloud solution which allows administrators and developers to deploy and operate their applications in a consistent and open way, no matter what the underlying infrastructure is. Anthos provides an end to end solution for running cloud-native applications in Google Cloud, on-premises, and in other public clouds.

By removing the complexity of deployment across environments, Anthos empowers you to modernize monoliths, speed up software development and delivery, reduce operational overhead, and focus on building great applications.

Join Google Cloud and Datadog to learn:

  • How leading organizations are leveraging Anthos to modernize their applications and create a platform agnostic experience for their teams.
  • How to monitor your Anthos infrastructure—regardless of whether it's deployed on Google Cloud, VMWare, AWS, or any other infrastructure.
  • How to use Datadog to improve your operational efficiency and gain intelligent insight into your Anthos environment.
Kirk Kaiser

Kirk Kaiser
Technical Evangelist, Team Lead, Datadog

Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter
Director of Outbound Product Management - Anthos, Google Cloud Platform

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