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Scalable Stream Processing with Confluent and Datadog

June 17, 1:00pm ET

Confluent is an event streaming platform built by the original creators of Apache Kafka®. With the growing need for real-time data processing, Confluent Platform has become a mission-critical part of many organizations’ data infrastructure.

Together, Datadog and Confluent provide detailed visibility into all the components of Confluent Platform alongside their other infrastructure. This allows users to visualize and alert on key Confluent performance indicators like: producer write latency, consumer fetch latency, Kafka Connect task failures, and more.

Join us to learn:

  • What Confluent Platform is, how it’s different from open source Kafka, and why it matters
  • How customers use Confluent to build scalable, real-time experiences
  • Key metrics to understand the health and performance of your Confluent environment
  • How to troubleshoot issues and meet your Confluent service level objectives with Datadog
Jimmy Caputo

Jimmy Caputo
Product Manager, Datadog

Dustin Cote

Dustin Cote
Product Manager, Confluent

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