Operate Large-Scale IoT Device Fleets Confidently | Datadog

Operate Large-Scale IoT Device Fleets Confidently

October 28th, 1:00pm EDT

As IoT fleets become larger, more geographically dispersed, and increasingly complex, organizations will also require real-time visibility in order to detect, diagnose, and resolve problems that arise. Datadog provides a unified, SaaS-based platform that integrates with 450+ popular technologies, including the full suite of Azure services, to provide visibility into any environment.

Join Datadog and Azure for a comprehensive webinar on building, monitoring, and managing your IoT environments. You’ll learn:

  • How to build an IoT application with Azure
  • How Datadog enables teams to monitor common Azure technologies for IoT devices, including Azure IoT Edge, Azure IoT Hub, and Azure Cosmos DB
  • How to detect and troubleshoot IoT application issues, such as edge application instability, poor connectivity between devices and the cloud, and bottlenecks in backend data processing systems

Ryan MacLean

Technology Evangelist, Datadog


Jimmy Caputo

Product Manager, Datadog


Paul DeCarlo

IoT Advocacy Manager, Microsoft Azure

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