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Building and Monitoring Generative AI Azure Logic Apps

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It seems like everyone wants to build useful generative AI apps these days, yet getting started often proves challenging. Selecting the appropriate tech stack and determining what to monitor can be daunting tasks that prevent you from beginning at all. However, with no-code solutions such as Azure Logic Apps and simple Datadog monitoring techniques, you can swiftly develop apps to assess viability and fast-forward the launch of new generative projects.

In this webinar, join Jason Hand as he walks you through the process of constructing and instrumenting a low-code generative AI backend API using Azure Logic Apps and OpenAI. You will also learn how to equip a frontend web app to collect real user monitoring data, allowing you to align actual user experiences with your generative AI initiatives.

Join Jason Hand at Datadog, to learn more about:

  • Building low-code applications using Azure Logic Apps
  • What can be collected from generative AI integrations
  • How to send logs to Datadog from Azure Logic Apps
  • How to add real user monitoring (RUM) to a web application
  • How to visualize Azure Logic App, OpenAI, and web app data in Datadog

Jason Hand

Senior Developer Advocate, Datadog

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