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Monitor EKS Blueprints With Datadog and AWS

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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed container service designed to deploy and scale cloud-based or on-premises Kubernetes applications. To help automate Kubernetes deployments like EKS, organizations are increasingly turning to popular infrastructure-as-code (IaC) frameworks like HashiCorp Terraform and AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK). However, setting up an IaC-based infrastructure with EKS needs tools such as Datadog for observability and requires deep expertise in AWS and Kubernetes.

To make using EKS easier, Amazon introduced EKS Blueprints, a collection of IaC modules that will help you configure and deploy consistent, batteries-included EKS clusters across accounts and regions. In addition, Datadog now has an EKS add-on to simplify deploying Datadog in EKS Blueprints environments.

Join our experts from AWS and Datadog to discover:

  • How Datadog provides a unified view of the health and performance of infrastructure-as-code Kubernetes environments like EKS Blueprints
  • How Datadog and EKS Blueprints can help your teams scale Kubernetes operations
Monitor EKS Blueprints With Datadog and AWS

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