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Real-Time Container Monitoring Best Practices

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To accelerate delivery and scale of applications in today’s rapid-paced market, organizations have migrated their workloads to containers by using technologies like Amazon ECS, EKS, and Fargate.

As technology stacks scale and container orchestration becomes more complex, organizations can now take advantage of a wide range of tools, services, platforms, and technologies to manage their growing infrastructure.

In this session, experts from Datadog and AWS will explore the top trends in container use and share how you can obtain full-stack visibility into containerized environments.

During this event, you’ll learn about:

  • Some top trends in real-world container use based on Datadog’s annual Container Report
  • About Containers on AWS, and how users operate on ECS, EKS and various managed services
  • How the shift to serverless environments is changing the landscape
  • How Datadog’s new tools and features, which can provide full visibility into your containerized environments
Real-Time Container Monitoring Best Practices

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