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How to centralize observability for more actionable insights

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How to centralize observability for more actionable insights

April 3rd, 12:00pm - 1:00pm ET


Making sense of metrics, events, and logs is more challenging than ever. We’re inundated with frameworks, IAC choices, and language options. These complex systems make it difficult to gather all of the telemetry data that’s needed for monitoring, and challenging to analyze that data to determine the correct actions that need to be taken accordingly.

With so many services in AWS, third party providers for CDNs, and Lambdas running in the background – how do you get all the right signals into one place?

Join AWS and Datadog in a discussion on how to achieve this, and follow along as we walk through how to build an effective Observability solution for your App that supports your teams with end-to-end monitoring, alerting, and workflow automation.

Here you’ll learn about:

  • Methods for getting infrastructure metrics, logs, and traces from your deployments into a unified space for continuous analysis.
  • How to get started with Datadog’s AWS integrations to setup monitoring for the key components of your infrastructure.
  • How to analyze the time-series data you’re reporting to Datadog, and set up alerts for your teams.
  • How to introduce workflow automations that perform time-sensitive tasks on your integrated services, like: deployment rollbacks, incident management, and security vulnerability mitigation (and trigger them from Slack).