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Real-time Java application monitoring

Monitor Java application performance in real time with Datadog.

Java application monitoring gives you real-time visibility into the health and performance of your Java applications to quickly respond to issues and minimize downtime. Datadog allows you to pivot seamlessly between your metrics, traces, and logs across your entire stack to ensure your applications are always optimized.


Real-time Java application monitoring

  • Monitor Java application code performance at infinite cardinality with App Analytics
  • Rapidly identify JVM memory issues, thread deadlocks, slow database calls, server bottlenecks, and more with end-to-end tracing, infrastructure metrics, and latency breakdowns
  • Collect, visualize, and alert on key Java metrics, including JVM memory, garbage collection, active threads, and response times

Resolve Java application performance issues faster

  • Surface code- and service-level performance issues quickly with customizable dashboards, API tests, self-maintaining browser tests, and real-time alerts
  • Reduce your mean time to resolution with application traces, infrastructure metrics, and logs in one unified platform
  • Easily analyze service disruptions and application interdependencies with Datadog’s live service map

Get set up with Java application monitoring quickly

  • Automatically instrument your applications for popular Java frameworks such as Play, Spring, and Jetty
  • Connect all all your apps, tools, and services to Datadog efficiently with 650+ turnkey integrations and out-of-the-box, templated dashboards
  • Enhance your Java application monitoring by pulling in custom metrics via API or a StatsD handler
Easy Java application monitoring set up

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.


Next-generation Java application monitoring

Spend less time firefighting and accelerate development.



Auto-detect Java performance issues without manual alert configuration.


App Analytics

Find, filter, and analyze Java stack traces with a few clicks.


Service Map

Monitor Java application interdependencies in real time.

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