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IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor modern IT infrastructure metrics alongside traces, logs, and more with Datadog.

IT infrastructure monitoring lets you track the health and performance of your entire environment. With over 700+ vendor-backed integrations, Datadog gives you deep visibility into your entire IT stack from one unified platform. Whether your hosts are in the cloud or you utilize on-prem servers, Datadog enables you to visualize your entire infrastructure within a single pane of glass so you can immediately identify problem areas and dive into the relevant metrics, traces, logs, and more.


Configure IT infrastructure monitoring in minutes

  • Set up monitoring for your IT infrastructure in a few simple steps with 700+ turnkey integrations including EC2, Kubernetes, MongoDB
  • Collect metrics and events from individual VMs and containers with open source, lightweight, and easy to install agents
  • Gather custom metrics with DogStatsD and ensure Datadog scales with your dynamic infrastructure using tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible
Fully monitor your IT infrastructure with

Detect and diagnose issues in your IT infrastructure

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your IT infrastructure health using the Host Map and leverage tags to filter and group hosts by availability zone, region, or any tag important to your team
  • Gain insights into specific technologies in your stack using out-of-the-box dashboards featuring key performance metrics
  • Analyze IT infrastructure deployments and changes with live process monitoring and monitor container health in real time
Map and monitor your entire IT infrastructure with the Host Map

Enrich IT infrastructure monitoring full stack data

  • Monitor IT infrastructure metrics, distributed traces, logs, and more in a unified easy to use platform
  • Visualize the health of your serverless functions in Datadog with metrics like memory, duration, and estimated cost for every invocation
  • Notify on-call engineers with machine learning driven alerts and enable collaboration on issue resolution using integrations like Slack or Jira
Correlate IT infrastructure metrics, distributed traces, and logs

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.


IT infrastructure monitoring for the cloud age

Visualize a bird's-eye view of your dynamic IT infrastructure.


Synchronized Dashboards

Track incidents across metrics with a common tagging structure.


Host and Container Maps

Visualize the status of your hosts or containers in a single view.


Cloud Functions

Monitor, filter, and analyze serverless functions.

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