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Digital Experience Monitoring

Optimize and track user journeys with digital experience monitoring from Datadog

Digital experience monitoring focuses on the frontend performance of their application, providing developers with insight into the end-user experience. Together, Datadog Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Monitoring provide deep visibility in your frontend metrics, traces, and logs so you can continue to optimize your application performance while identifying and resolving problems before they affect your users.


Unify data for end-to-end digital experience monitoring

  • Correlate real time user journeys, synthetic tests, and server side traces for detailed digital experience monitoring and analytics
  • Speed up troubleshooting for performance issues with granular data on error rates, site reliability, response times, web speed, and more
  • Track and alert on digital experience SLOs, like uptime, page load speeds, and errors, with the SLO status page and widget
Optimize, test, and monitor digital experiences with Datadog

Track user journeys with Real User Monitoring (RUM)

  • Use turnkey and customizable RUM dashboards to start analyzing website performance, resource utilization, and errors in minutes
  • Unify, filter, and analyze real time user events and visualize granular digital experience data with the RUM Explorer
  • Aggregate and split data to correlate and visualize digital experience monitoring views alongside information about the rest of your stack
Filter and analyze real time user events

Proactively monitor digital experience with Synthetics

  • Easily configure API tests to check endpoint availability and proactively monitor response times, HTTP status codes, and more
  • Verify that applications are up and executing requests correctly with self-healing browser tests built in the easy to use and GUI-based web recorder
  • Correlate synthetic tests with server side traces in Datadog APM to enhance digital experience monitoring and reduce mean time to resolution
Build self-healing browser tests with the web recorder

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.


End-to-end digital experience monitoring

Use modern monitoring tools to quickly resolve frontend performance issues.



Automatically detect application performance issues without manual setup or configuration.


App Analytics

Search, filter, and analyze stack traces at infinite cardinality.


Service Map

Map applications and their supporting architecture in real-time.

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