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Unified log management

Monitor logs, metrics, and request traces in one platform for full-stack visibility

Rapid troubleshooting and exploration

Quickly search, filter, and analyze your logs for troubleshooting and open-ended exploration of your data.

  • Explore and analyze logs from all your services, applications, and platforms
  • Search and filter your logs on the fly using automatically generated facets
  • Visualize log data on dashboards or build sophisticated alerts

Unifying the three pillars of observability

Smoothly navigate between logs, metrics, and request traces for a clear view of all your systems.

  • Pivot from metric graphs directly to related logs with the same tags (host, service, etc.)
  • Jump from any log entry to a dashboard of metrics for the host
  • Put logs in a performance context by pivoting to APM for the service

Logging without Limits™

Send and process every log produced by your applications and infrastructure.

  • Ingest everything and decide what to index dynamically with filters
  • Observe everything in real time with Live Tail, without the need to index
  • Archive everything—all history centrally stored with nothing left behind on servers

Centralize log data from any source

Automatically collect, tag, and enrich logs with Datadog’s built-in integrations.

  • Send logs using your existing Datadog integrations with applications, services, and cloud providers
  • Automatically apply facets to your log data, such as availability zone, role, or HTTP status code
  • Use third-party log shippers such as Logstash, Rsyslog, NXLog, or FluentD

Build log-processing pipelines

Enrich and process logs from common technologies instantly, or build your own custom pipelines.

  • Automatically process logs from integrated technologies
  • Clone and modify built-in pipelines to capture custom data fields or facets
  • Build new pipelines to extract and enrich data from any log format