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  • North America (GMT-4):

    Tuesday at 1pm
    Thursday at 10am

  • APAC (GMT+11):

    Thursday at 3pm

  • EMEA (GMT+1):

    Tuesday at 11am

Get an overview of the Datadog platform

Spend a half hour learning how Datadog creates unified visibility for backend infrastructure, application traces, and logs from across your systems.

One of our engineers will also share how Datadog detects any potential attacks and misconfigurations in your environment.

In addition, you’ll gain an understanding of how Watchdog uncovers ‘unknown unknowns’ and learn about various turnkey Datadog features and integrations that let you set up monitoring in minutes.

Get a live demo of Datadog capabilities

Learn how to set up Datadog in 5 minutes and explore key platform features.

Unified Visualization

Visualize and analyze correlated full stack data in one place.

Proactive Monitoring

Uncover and resolve performance issues before they occur.

Root Cause Analysis

Seamlessly identify and investigate incidents from a bird’s-eye view.

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