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Who we are

Our sales team works with a best-of-breed product that solves real problems for our customers. Sellers follow a well-defined methodology that helps them identify the customer’s unique needs and clearly communicate the value of the Datadog product. Whether you’re looking to learn from the best or be the best, the Datadog sales team is dedicated to furthering personal development and team success.

Why I love working at Datadog

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Lucy Williams - Jones

Enterprise Sales

Since I joined Datadog, I have loved every moment of my journey. The technology speaks for itself—and the culture at Datadog is different from anywhere I’ve worked before. It’s a fun and collaborative work environment where all opinions are taken into consideration. The team is exceptionally skilled at giving you the right tools to succeed. Given the enablement, development, and growth opportunities that this company offers, I am so pleased that I made the jump to Datadog. I have not regretted it for a moment.


Paolo Espanola

Sales Enablement

Being on Sales Enablement, which is part of the wider Growth Strategy Team here at Datadog, has been one of my most engaging educational experiences to-date. The team is filled with people who are endlessly curious and embrace an iterative, agile approach to work that makes it unique amongst similar teams elsewhere. I have the opportunity to test new and novel ideas, improve the skills important to me, and constantly (re)define my own role within the organization. Coming from a non-traditional background - Datadog found me slicing sushi at a ramen shop after all - I’m grateful for how collaborative my journey with the team has been.

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