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Vendor Process Overview

Quick Tips - Doing Business with Datadog

We are looking forward to working with you. In order to set you up for payment and agreement of services, please complete the following steps in the vendor onboarding process. Please note, Datadog has a “no PO, no pay” policy and certain transactions require the use of Datadog contracts to expedite the review process.

Below is a checklist of all the steps involved, from onboarding to payment:

1. Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Onboarding with Datadog will include the following steps:

Step 1: Complete general onboarding via Graphite - Graphite is used as our vendor onboarding tool to collect payment/banking and general company information. The contact from your company listed as the main contact on the internal new vendor request (submitted by a Datadog employee) will receive an invitation via email from Graphite to complete onboarding. The main contact will be given the option to delegate different sections of the Graphite Onboarding Form if needed.


For help with completing your company profile via Graphite and finding answers to common questions, see here.

Step 2: (Contingent) Complete a Vendor Risk Assessment via Trust Arc - certain vendors may require an additional Privacy / Security review. If this is the case, you will receive a link to the Risk Assessment via email from TrustArc.

Step 3: (Following approval of Datadog’s use of your services) Link to Datadog’s Coupa instance - All business post onboarding will be done via Coupa (our Procure to Pay system).

  • Following vendor approval in Graphite, your Coupa contact will receive a separate email with an invitation to link to the Datadog-Coupa Supplier Portal.

  • If the invite needs to be sent to someone else, email and the link invite will be resent to the updated contact.

A member of the Procurement team will reach out to you once a Datadog employee has submitted a vendor request to guide you through the necessary steps and documents.

For more information on how to navigate Coupa - click here.

2. Contract Reviews

Most purchases at Datadog require a signed contract and/or a purchase order. As mentioned above, a member of the Procurement team will reach out with guidance on how to proceed. Using a Datadog contract will expedite the contract review process and will be a requirement in some cases.

Note: See below for more information on Purchase Orders

3. Purchase Order

For purchases at Datadog that require a signed contract, PO approvals are only initiated when the contract is finalized and approved for signatures. Note that the contract can be signed before the PO is issued and vice versa. PO approvals for all non-contract related purchases will be initiated as needed.

Once the PO is fully approved, the PO contact listed in Coupa will receive the PO.

Please see here for our standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

4. No PO No Pay Policy

Note: Datadog has a strict “No Purchase Order - No Pay” policy.

Our policy requires a formal PO be issued by Datadog in advance for all work, projects, hardware, software and services ordered. Please make sure that you as a supplier always have or ask your Datadog business partner to provide a PO as soon as we request goods and services from you, and in advance of commencing work for Datadog.

Vendors that will invoice Datadog should not provide services without having received a Purchase Order (PO) from Datadog via Coupa. If any invoices are received without an associated PO that was issued PRIOR to services being rendered, the invoice will not be paid.

Our no-PO no pay policy is in place to benefit all parties involved. Benefits to this policy include:

  • POs ensure services are authorized and approved prior to being rendered

  • Purchase orders expedite the payment process since spend approvals are handled prior to Datadog being invoiced

  • A PO is a legally binding document that ensure both parties agree to specific services and range of payment

If a Datadog employee asks you to start services and/or provide goods without a purchase order, please email

5. Contract Signatures

Datadog is not able to sign documents sent from external signature platforms – if there is an agreement to be signed please send it to your Datadog contact in PDF format so they can submit the agreement for internal review. Once the internal review is completed and all terms have been agreed upon by both parties, Datadog-Procurement will route the finalized contract for signatures.

6. Invoicing

Suppliers should invoice within sixty (60) days of delivery of services or receipt of goods.

  • Invoicing Requirements (failure to comply may result in delayed payment) – Invoices need to:

    • be text based (not scanned)

    • be sent in PDF format

    • reference a valid PO number

  • Review our Invoicing Golden Rules to ensure invoices are complete before submission to Datadog

7. Payment

Payment will be processed on the next payment run when due, only after invoices have been fully approved.

Note: Datadog’s standard payment term is net 60 days from date of invoice.

8. Vendor Travel and Expense Policy