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Datadog Subprocessors

Last updated: 6月 2, 2021

What is a subprocessor?

In order to provide its services, Datadog may engage third parties or other members of the Datadog corporate group (affiliates) to carry out data-processing activities that involve access to customer data. These organizations, called “subprocessors,” are identified below with their locations and the types of services they provide to Datadog.


Vendor Country Type of Service
Amazon Web Services, Inc. United States Infrastructure provider
Atlassian Pty Ltd (Jira) United States Internal support collaboration
Google LLC (G Suite) United States Email and office applications
Google LLC (Google Cloud Platform) Germany Infrastructure provider
Mailgun Technologies, Inc. United States Email and office applications
Microsoft Corporation (Azure) United States Infrastructure provider
SendGrid, Inc. United States Email notification services
Slack Technologies, Inc. United States Messaging services
Snowflake, Inc. United States Data warehousing of analytics data
Trello, Inc. United States Internal support collaboration
Zendesk, Inc. United States Support ticketing and customer service


Name Location
Datadog France SAS France
Datadog Germany GmbH Germany
Datadog Ireland Limited Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom
Datadog Japan G.K. Japan
Datadog Korea, Inc. South Korea
Datadog Netherlands BV Netherlands
Datadog Services Canada, Inc. Canada
Datadog Singapore Pte. Ltd. Singapore