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Monitor Pivotal Platform deployments in any cloud

Pivotal Platform, now known as VMware Tanzu Application Service, makes it easy for developers to securely configure, deploy, and scale their applications on any cloud. Increasingly, organizations are using Pivotal Platform to support hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. This allows companies to maintain more control over their applications and data, but it can also create blind spots as organizations rely on a patchwork of tools to monitor their Pivotal Platform deployment, applications, and underlying cloud infrastructure.

Datadog enables Pivotal Platform operators and developers to collect, visualize, and alert on all of this critical data in a single pane of glass. With hundreds of vendor-backed integrations—including AWS, Azure, and Google—Datadog lets teams monitor their hosted cloud services, in addition to any on-premise infrastructure. Every data point is automatically enriched with standard tags such as geographic region and cloud provider, so teams can easily troubleshoot issues across their environment.

Datadog cloud integrations.

Rapidly detect and resolve performance issues

A single Pivotal deployment can run hundreds of application instances, and instances can be spread across thousands of host VMs and multiple availability zones. While this distributed and highly scalable architecture makes deployments more resilient, the level of complexity makes it difficult for engineers to diagnose and fix performance issues.

Datadog collects monitoring data from a wide variety of Pivotal sources—including BOSH, Loggregator, Healthwatch, and syslogs—and system-level resource metrics from each VM in a cluster. An out-of-the-box Pivotal dashboard visualizes and correlates these metrics, immediately giving teams an overview of their Pivotal architecture. Every metric is automatically tagged with BOSH settings, such as a deployment ID and BOSH job, making it easy to drill down and scope performance issues. With Datadog APM, teams can visualize how specific customer requests flow through their Pivotal applications and related services. APM even includes built-in support for MySQL, Postgres, and other managed data stores available on Pivotal Platform, giving developers instant visibility into the data layer of their applications.

Datadog Pivotal Platform dashboard

Scale efficiently and meet compliance goals

Organizations can use Pivotal Platform's high availability and auto-scaling features to respond to surges in user traffic, but this also leads to a large increase in the volume of logs, traces, and other monitoring data. Teams are often faced with a tradeoff between maintaining visibility and keeping costs down. Datadog's long-term metric storage and flexible data collection help companies intelligently define their auto-scaling policies and cost effectively ingest all of their data.

Datadog retains all metrics for 15 months, allowing companies to scale their applications based on the historical performance of different Pivotal deployments. Teams can also fine-tune their auto-scaling policies based on custom business metrics, such as completed purchases or unique pageviews. Additionally, Datadog's Logging without Limits™ allows companies to cost effectively collect 100 percent of their logs, including those coming from Pivotal Platform, while controlling which are archived and which are retained for troubleshooting and analysis. No matter the scale of a Pivotal deployment, teams can meet compliance goals and stay on budget without compromising visibility.

Analyze the business impact of Pivotal deployments

Pivotal Platform serves as the backbone for business-critical applications, so it's crucial for teams to understand how the health and performance of their deployment will impact business goals. Datadog allows teams to collect custom business metrics from their applications running on Pivotal Platform, which can provide insight into revenue and user behavior and form the basis of SLOs and SLIs. Teams can track the status of business KPIs in dashboards, sharing them with relevant stakeholders for real-time collaborative analysis.

With Datadog, teams can monitor their infrastructure, applications, networks, user experience, and more in one tightly integrated platform. Datadog unifies all of this data by applying a common tagging structure, enabling teams to pivot seamlessly between IT data and business data in order to gain comprehensive insight into business-impacting issues