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Modernize legacy services and applications

As higher education institutions seek to modernize their learning environments, they face the unique challenge of safely replacing legacy systems while learning how to manage new, highly distributed infrastructure at scale. Datadog unifies data from both legacy and cloud-based systems in a single pane of glass, enabling private and public universities, technical schools, and more to monitor every stage of their digital transformation. With this visibility, higher education institutions can significantly improve the speed and reliability of their services and deliver a better experience for their students, educators, and administrators—all while keeping their IT costs down and minimizing risks.

Enable cross-team collaboration to quickly resolve platform issues

Information silos are a common unintended consequence of growth at educational institutions, and they can slow down efforts to resolve issues in critical academic services. IT and other support teams can leverage Datadog's integrations with communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to synchronize quickly on real-time service issues. They can also use Datadog Notebooks, shareable dashboards, and multi-organization account management features to collaborate more efficiently and access the data they need, when they need it. These capabilities help teams ensure that academic services perform seamlessly for their students and faculty across the globe.

Deliver reliable, highly performant learning services to students

From class registration portals to online learning platforms, colleges and universities deploy services that millions of users rely on every day. Datadog helps ensure that these services reliably operate at any scale by providing real-time insights into their performance. Higher education institutions can leverage performance data collection from more than 700 integrations—all with comprehensive dashboards—to rapidly troubleshoot system-wide issues. They can also use Datadog Synthetic Monitoring to test their services from end to end and gain insights into how they might improve the end user experience. These tools enable academic organizations to provide their students with a better, more reliable learning experience.

Maintain compliance and protect student data

Higher education institutions are required to comply with regulatory standards in order to keep their students' data safe and secure. Datadog has successfully completed the SOC 2 Type II audit, and the platform implements a variety of security measures to protect student data. These measures include encrypting data with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), and automatically scanning logs to discover, classify, and protect sensitive information. Datadog is also authorized to operate at the FedRAMP Moderate-Impact level and is compliant with a number of government regulations such as HIPAA, which is critical for protecting students' health records.

Datadog provides HIPAA Compliant Log Management.