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Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

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Security from development to production

With Datadog CNAPP, teams are able to detect and protect against issues throughout the software development lifecycle, from development to production. Datadog consolidates the security workflows at each stage into a single platform, helping you detect issues with capabilities including: CSPM, KSPM, CIEM, VM, and IaC scanning.

Protect against threats with capabilities such as API security, application security, and CWPP.

Datadog's unified DevSecOps approach has improved our ability to manage risks, prioritize responses, and remediate issues. As a result, we've been able to reduce tool sprawl and foster a culture of shared security ownership throughout the organization.

Eric Saam
VP of Engineering, Business Insider

Findings that all teams can agree upon

Teams can cut down on time spent investigating and verifying alerts. By having deep observability context embedded directly into each finding, teams spend less cycles triaging the validity, business impact, and location of each security issue.

Visualization of the Datadog Severity Breakdown score

Datadog CNAPP aligned the engineering teams at Storyblocks on all cloud security priorities, including which issues to fix first and the urgency of addressing them. We've moved from viewing security as a time consuming task shouldered by a centralized team to a well-understood responsibility across all teams.

Paul Evans
Platform Engineering Manager, Storyblocks

Actionability at your fingertips

Once a team has verified an issue, they can quickly take action from within Datadog. Seamlessly pivot to your cloud management console to initiate a fix, trigger automated remediation workflows, kick off a Jira ticket, or push your findings to any of your preferred management solutions. Datadog helps you to keep the momentum across teams when it comes to fixing security issues.

Visualization of the Datadog automated attack remediation workflow

Datadog gives me confidence that we know where our entire organization sits from a security standpoint.

Kelly Bettendorf
Security Engineer, Stavvy