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Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunting Tools

Automatically flag attacker techniques & misconfigurations with real-time security monitoring. Start detecting threats across your applications, network, and infrastructure within minutes.

Threat actors commonly reuse IP addresses, domains, and other resources in attempts to gain access to your systems. Threat Intelligence is the practice of developing, maintaining, and operationalizing these indivators of compromise, which can identify suspicious activity before threat actors take more serious action.

Datadog Cloud SIEM offers turn-key threat intelligence, curated by parters including IPinfo and GreyNoise, to automatically inform you of suspicious activity on your network. Datadog’s built-in Threat Detection Rules automatically look for whether known malicious IPs are interacting with your applications and services. If the IPs are on any threat intelligence feeds, Datadog will categorize the detected threat and provide additional context around why the IP was flagged.



  • クラウドインフラ全体を数分で完全に可視化
  • セキュリティ上の問題を自動的に優先順位付けでアラート疲れを軽減し、重大な脅威を軽減
  • クラウド環境内の相互依存関係を可視化するリレーションシップ・グラフで、リソースの悪用範囲と確率を評価
  • 複数のツールを統合した基盤で、DevOpsチームとセキュリティチームの連携をスピードアップ

Next-Generation Security Monitoring Tools

Monitor for and proactively remediate potential security threats.


Security Investigation Dashboards

Simplify your investigations with drag-and-drop, customizable dashboards.



Detect threats and issues using machine learning.


Root cause analysis

Visualize your observability and security data together, seamlessly pivoting between related metrics, traces, and logs.


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