Python Performance Monitoring & Analytics | Datadog

Python Performance Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor Python application data and analyze stack traces with Datadog APM.

Full-stack Python performance monitoring

  • Monitor and optimize Python performance to meet service level agreements
  • Identify Python application dependencies with the automatically generated Service Map
  • Troubleshoot Python issues at the application, endpoint, and customer-level with App Analytics

Debug issues with Python tracing and analytics

  • Search Python stack traces to highlight errored requests and functions in the trace view
  • Automatically correlate Python data from traces and logs for rapid root cause analysis with TraceID
  • Identify issues before they escalate by monitoring Python errors with Log Patterns and Analytics

Automatically instrument applications for popular Python frameworks

  • Get started quickly with built-in support for Python frameworks like Django and Flask
  • Troubleshoot Python queries impacting performance for databases like MongoDB or Elasticsearch
  • Monitor Python applications alongside data from 600+ other turnkey integrations
Datadog programming language and framework support integration tiles

Modern tracing and alerting for Python applicatons

Leverage Datadog APM for next-generation Python monitoring and analytics.



Auto-detect Python performance problems without manual setup or configuration.


App Analytics

Search, filter, and analyze Python stack traces at infinite cardinality.


Service Map

Map Python applications and their supporting architecture in real-time.


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