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CI Visibility

CI Visibility

Streamline your CI/CD workflows with deep visibility into your CI environment.

Datadog CI Visibility provides deep insight into the health and performance of your CI environment. Datadog auto-instruments your pipelines and tests, so you can dive into traces for problematic builds and executions. You can also scope your CI data by repository, branch, or commit in order to surface trends and troubleshoot issues. This provides a comprehensive view into CI activity and makes it easier to resolve bottlenecks, reduce CI costs, and deliver better software.

Monitor and troubleshoot pipeline activity

  • Visualize key performance metrics, such as build duration and error rate, across all CI providers
  • Dive into individual pipelines for more granular details, such as breakdowns of duration and failure rates for individual stages and jobs
  • Troubleshoot pipeline issues with contextual data, such as error sources, job spans, and logs
View an out-of-the-box dashboard showing the health of your CI pipelines.

Optimize your test suite and surface flaky behavior

  • Restore confidence in your team's test results through automatic flaky test detection
  • Debug test failures by drilling into test and stack traces, as well as error messages
  • Visualize test performance over time to identify trends and spot regressions
Surface flaky tests with metrics like failure rates and trends.

Incorporate CI Visibility into your existing monitoring workflow

  • Leverage turn-key integrations with CI providers such as GitLab, Jenkins, CircleCI, and more
  • Automatically alert your teams about any problems in your pipelines
  • Collaborate on investigations into pipeline and test issues with Datadog Notebooks and Incident Management

CI Visibility supports 10+ CI providers and languages