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App Builder

Turn observability insights into action with custom apps built to accelerate remediation and drive collaboration

Datadog App Builder provides a low-code solution to rapidly develop and integrate secure, customized applications into your monitoring stack that are built to accelerate remediation at scale. App Builder provides a centralized view for observability and action, empowering you to fix issues or respond to ongoing incidents, all under one pane of glass within your monitoring stack. Using simple drag-and-drop interface with pre-built UI components and actions, users can quickly spin up high-impact applications that reduce errors and increase collaboration across your entire IT operations environment.

Rapidly develop apps using pre-built UI components and actions

  • Quickly build production-ready internal ops tools without front-end code knowledge
  • Get value instantly with a library of preconfigured blueprints solving common use cases
  • Integrate user-friendly UI components using drag-and-drop
  • Customize your applications with your own JavaScript logic

Increase productivity without adding tool complexity

  • Instantly leverage native Datadog actions across metrics, logs, monitors, and more
  • Integrate with a catalog of 550+ out-of-the-box action integrations
  • Maintain the flexibility to interact with any Rest API using HTTP requests
  • Communicate with both cloud and on-prem resources
  • Consolidate all of your company’s monitoring data, tool development, and observability response in one place

Enable anyone to take action and remediate faster

  • Empower teams with self-serve apps so they can proactively take action before issues become incidents
  • Save time and minimize context-switching by troubleshooting issues all from within the same interface
  • Superpower your apps by triggering workflows from Datadog Workflow Automation with a single click

Reduce errors and maintain control

  • Configure viewing and editing permissions for apps with granular role-based access control
  • Get assurance that apps are secure, work well at scale, and are accessible throughout your organization
  • Gain visibility into every app with audit logging and usage tracking
Reduce errors and maintain control

Centralize data and insights, and actions

  • Scale app availability and ensure accessibility throughout your organization
  • Consolidate your company’s monitoring, tool development, and observability response
  • Enable a stronger DevSecOps culture across your environment
  • Embed apps into your existing monitoring setup by adding them as widgets to Datadog dashboards

Customer Testimonials

As a remote company with employees on four continents, App Builder helps us to empower our colleagues across the globe to take action. What used to be a ticket to a specific team can now be handled independently through self-service instead of adding yet another tool that requires additional training.

Lukas Deutz

Lukas Deutz

Systems Engineer, NationBuilder

Datadog App Builder enhances our dashboard capability by generating interactive components from data retrieved with API calls. It employs a rich development platform with helpful blueprints and building blocks to get started quickly. Whether used for improving our incident response or visualizing data, App Builder is a much appreciated functionality.

Benjamin Lush

Benjamin Lush

Site Reliability Engineer, PayByPhone Technologies, Inc.

App Builder has opened up a whole new set of possibilities for how we utilize Datadog. It allows us to couple remediation steps with our dashboards, so we can both observe and fix issues from the same ecosystem. We can build interfaces optimized for how our infrastructure is unique, making life easier for our Platform and Development teams alike.

BJ Clark

BJ Clark

Platform Engineer, Planning Center

App Builder has allowed for even more interoperability and visibility between Datadog and our tech stacks, providing access to critical information and processes without the need for direct infrastructure access or technical knowledge.

Thomas Yang

Thomas Yang

Systems Engineer,



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