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Simplify customer support with Datadog’s integrations for Zendesk

Author Abril Loya McCloud
Author Aaron Kaplan

Last updated: 1月 5, 2024

Zendesk provides support teams with an integrated solution for processing all types of customer inquiries and feedback. But as organizations scale, support tickets multiply, making it increasingly difficult to parse all of your customers’ feedback and time-consuming to investigate issues. Customers often report issues without providing the detailed context needed for troubleshooting, creating unclear and indirect paths to remediation.

In this post, we’ll show you how Datadog’s Zendesk integration enables you to closely track customer experience as your organization scales, as well as automatically create Zendesk tickets based on telemetry data.

Track customer experience as you scale

Once you have set up our Zendesk integration, you’ll automatically start collecting ticket metrics, which are visualized in the integration’s out-of-the-box (OOTB) dashboard.

The Zendesk integration dashboard provides a high-level overview of your customer support.

Collected metrics include daily and weekly ticket resolution rates, number of assigned tickets, ticket status, and the number of positive and negative ratings submitted per day. The ‘New Tickets’ event stream displays Zendesk ticket events as new tickets are opened.

These metrics help establish a high-level picture of your Zendesk usage and customer experience. But as we’ll show you in the next section, you can also use this integration to automatically create Zendesk tickets at the first sign of an issue.

Automatically create Zendesk tickets

To automatically create Zendesk tickets based on telemetry data in Datadog, you can add Zendesk notification groups in the integration tile. You can then create tickets that are automatically assigned to that group by tagging them in your notifications. The resulting tickets will include any contextual information that you have added to your Datadog notification.

Monitor alerts can be configured to automatically create and assign Zendesk tickets.

The @zendesk-group-name command enables autocompletion of any of your configured groups when configuring alerts. If you would prefer for a ticket to remain unassigned, you can use the general @zendesk command.

Get a clear picture of customer experience and expedite support

Datadog’s integration for Zendesk enables you to track and respond to key customer experience metrics. To learn about how Datadog can help you quickly and precisely troubleshoot customer-reported issues, check out the Zendesk integration for Datadog RUM’s Session Replay, which you can now install from the Zendesk Marketplace. You can learn more about that integration in our dedicated blog post and get started with both of these integrations today. If you’re new to Datadog, you can sign up for a 14-day .