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How to use ApacheBench for web server performance testing

Learn how to interpret the results of your ApacheBench tests as you optimize your HTTP backend

Analyzing Tomcat logs and metrics with Datadog

Learn how to monitor and analyze Tomcat logs and metrics with Datadog.

Collecting metrics with Tomcat monitoring tools

Learn how to use Tomcat monitoring tools like JConsole and JavaMelody to collect and visualize key metrics ...

Key metrics for monitoring Tomcat

Learn about the Tomcat architecture and the key Tomcat performance metrics that you should monitor.

Key IIS metrics to monitor

Learn how to monitor IIS performance and availability.

Collecting metrics with IIS monitoring tools

Learn how to collect IIS performance metrics.

IIS monitoring with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog for IIS monitoring.

How to collect Apache performance metrics

Learn how to collect metrics from your web servers, using native and open source tools.

How to monitor Apache web server with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog to monitor Apache web server metrics.

Monitoring Apache web server performance

In this post, we'll explore how Apache works, and discuss the key performance metrics that you should monitor.

NGINX 502 Bad Gateway Error: PHP-FPM

Learn to resolve 502 errors in your NGINX/PHP-FPM stack.

NGINX 502 Bad Gateway: Gunicorn

Learn to resolve 502 errors in your NGINX/Gunicorn stack.

Monitoring Windows Server 2012

Windows provides a wealth of performance data. In this article we detail the metrics, events, and services to ...

Monitor Lighttpd web server metrics with Datadog

Monitor your Lighttpd web server metrics automatically with Datadog's out-of-the-box dashboard for easy ...

Monitor Tomcat metrics with Datadog

Monitor Tomcat metrics easily, including servlet metrics, in one out-of-the-box dashboard with Datadog's ...

Monitor Gunicorn performance with Datadog

Monitor Gunicorn performance with Datadog to collect and visualize your web server metrics alongside the rest ...

Monitor HAProxy with Datadog

Go beyond ad-hoc metric inspection and monitor HAProxy with Datadog to integrate and correlate metrics across ...

How to collect NGINX metrics

Monitoring NGINX, part 2 of 3. This post will show you how to configure NGINX to report metrics, and how to ...

How to monitor NGINX

Monitoring NGINX, part 1 of 3. Monitor NGINX with these key metrics to detect performance issues in your web ...

How to monitor NGINX with Datadog

Monitoring NGINX, part 3 of 3. This post will show you how to quickly and properly monitor NGINX performance ...

Track your PHP-FPM performance with Datadog

Monitor your PHP-FPM performance with Datadog's new integration to let you visualize and correlate with the ...

Monitoring Apache processes with Datadog

Learn how monitoring Apache with Datadog's built in process monitoring function and advanced graphing features ...

Monitor NGINX Plus Load Balancing Metrics

Monitor NGINX Plus metrics exposed by the status module with Datadog to get full visibility into your HTTP ...