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Troubleshoot anomalies in workload performance with Watchdog Insights and Alerts for Live Processes

Watchdog Insights and Alerts are now available for Datadog Live Processes, so you can easily surface ...

Automatically identify and efficiently investigate frontend issues with RUM Watchdog Insights

Learn how to use Watchdog Insights to identify and investigate issues more efficiently in Datadog RUM.

Discover the values behind log patterns with Pattern Inspector

Pattern Inspector complements Log Anomaly Detection by allowing users to quickly evaluate the breadth and ...

Expedite infrastructure investigations with Kubernetes Anomalies

Learn how Kubernetes Anomalies automatically surfaces anomalous patterns in your clusters to speed up incident ...

Explore a centralized view into service telemetry, Error Tracking, SLOs, and more

Learn how the APM Service Page can help you streamline your investigations.

Accelerate incident investigations with Log Anomaly Detection

Learn how Log Anomaly Detection automatically surfaces anomalous patterns in your logs to speed up incident ...

Understand the scope of user impact with Watchdog Impact Analysis

See how many users are affected by service performance issues so that you can troubleshoot more effectively.

Release code confidently with Automatic Faulty Deployment Detection

Automatic Faulty Deployment Detection spots new or increased errors in your application.

Augmented troubleshooting with Watchdog Insights

Watchdog Insights surfaces clues and helps reduce MTTR—and now supports Log Management.

Automated root cause analysis with Watchdog RCA

Learn how Watchdog can automatically identify the root cause of performance issues across your stack.

Watchdog は根本原因の情報と Kubernetes の異常を表面化します

Watchdog は、根本原因の分析を自動的にサポートし、Kubernetes の異常を検出します。

Watchdog for Infra でインフラストラクチャーの異常を自動検出

Watchdog は、個別のコンフィギュレーションなしでインフラストラクチャーの異常を自動的に検出します。

2018 year in review

A recap of some of the new features, integrations, and resources that Datadog added in 2018.

Watchdog: Auto-detect performance anomalies without setting alerts

Watchdog uses machine learning to sniff out potential performance problems without any setup or configuration.