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Best practices for creating detection rules with Datadog Cloud SIEM

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The Log4j Log4Shell vulnerability: Overview, detection, and remediation

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Learn about HashiCorp Vault security threats and how to detect them with Datadog.

Monitor your HCP Vault cluster with Datadog

Learn how Datadog can help you monitor key security and usage metrics for HCP Vault.

Build a modern data compliance strategy with the Datadog Sensitive Data Scanner

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How to detect security threats in Linux processes

Learn how to spot signs of security threats in Linux processes.

Detect security threats with anomaly detection rules

Datadog's anomaly detection security rules can help you quickly spot anomalous activity indicating potential ...

Highlights from Black Hat USA 2021

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Monitor AWS FSx audit logs with Datadog

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Key takeaways from the U.S. executive order on cybersecurity

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Resilience, DevSecOps, and other key takeaways from RSAC 2021

Read our breakdown of key security trends and highlights from the 2021 RSA Conference.

Automate remediation of threats detected by Datadog Cloud SIEM

Learn how to use webhooks to automate security operations based on your Datadog monitoring data.

Monitor real-time Salesforce logs with Datadog

Learn how Datadog collects Salesforce real-time events to help you monitor your environment's security and ...

Detect application abuse and fraud with Datadog Cloud SIEM

Learn how Datadog helps you detect abuse of functionality tactics and techniques that are mapped to the MITRE ...

How Datadog's IT Team Automated Monitoring Third Party Accounts

Employees at all modern software companies use a ton of outside pieces of software to do their jobs. Learn how ...

Detect unauthorized third parties in your AWS account

Learn how to use Datadog Cloud SIEM's new term detection method to secure your AWS environment against ...

Monitor HashiCorp Vault metrics and logs

A deep dive into the key metrics and logs for monitoring the health and performance of HashiCorp Vault.

Detect anomalous activity in your environment with new term–based Detection Rules

Learn how to use Datadog Cloud SIEM's new term detection method to monitor baseline activity across your ...

Datadog acquires Sqreen to strengthen application security

Datadog has acquired Sqreen, an application security platform for the modern enterprise.

Best practices for monitoring Microsoft Azure platform logs

Learn how to get the most out of your Microsoft Azure platform logs and use them to secure your applications.

Key Kubernetes audit logs for monitoring cluster security

Learn some of the key Kubernetes API server audit logs that can help you detect potential threats to your ...

Best practices for monitoring authentication logs

Learn how to monitor authentication logs across your entire environment to more easily identify security ...

Collect and monitor Microsoft 365 audit logs with Datadog

Learn how our integration gives you a deeper level of insight into the security and performance of your Microsoft 365 services.

Accelerate security investigations with Datadog Threat Intelligence

Learn how to use Datadog's turn-key threat intelligence to surface potential threats and triage security ...

Secure your infrastructure in real time with Datadog Cloud Workload Security

Learn how you can use Datadog to secure your cloud infrastructure and production workloads.

Monitor AWS Network Firewall with Datadog

Datadog gives you full visibility into traffic through AWS Network Firewall.

Monitor Oracle Cloud logs with Datadog

Collect and analyze Oracle Cloud logs with Datadog for more insight into your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Datadog monitors Amazon Route 53

Get insights into your Amazon network’s Route 53 DNS traffic with Datadog.

Monitor Auth0 with Datadog

Enable Datadog's Auth0 integration to monitor logs for potential security threats.

Monitor Alcide kAudit logs with Datadog

Learn how Datadog's integration with Alcide kAudit gives you more visibility into your Kubernetes environment.

Introducing Datadog Cloud Security Posture Management

Detect and analyze cloud asset misconfigurations and unify your security, developer, and operations teams with Datadog Cloud Security Posture Management.

Monitor Carbon Black Defense logs with Datadog

Learn how Datadog can help you monitor your Carbon Black Defense logs and get full visibility into endpoint ...

Best practices for monitoring GCP audit logs

Learn how to monitor your Google Cloud audit logs for better visibility into GCP security with Datadog.

Monitor Cilium with Datadog

Integrate Cilium with Datadog to ensure your security policies are properly enforced across your containerized ...

Monitor AWS IAM Access Analyzer findings with Datadog

Deliver AWS IAM Access Analyzer findings to your Datadog account to ensure your AWS resources are secure.

Monitor Google Workspace with Datadog

Proactively monitor Google Workspace user and administrative activity by analyzing and alerting on audit logs ...

Signal Sciences brings real-time web attack visibility to Datadog

Signal Sciences users can see, analyze, and receive alerts from web application activity directly in Datadog.

Secure Publication of Datadog Agent Integrations with TUF and in-toto

How to guarantee end-to-end security when using automation to package and publish Datadog Agent integrations

Secure (and usable) multi-AWS account IAM setup

If you are part of the team managing the AWS infrastructure at your organization, you’ve likely had to wrestle ...

Improving Cloud Security Visibility with ChatOps

Highlights of our recent work to improve our cloud-based monitoring and alerting pipeline.

Datadog teams with IMMUNIO for real-time app security threat monitoring

Integrate IMMUNIO's real-time security intelligence into the other operational data Datadog provides about ...