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Monitor your Graviton3-powered EC2 instances with Datadog

Learn how Datadog can help you monitor the performance of your workloads running on AWS's Graviton3-based EC2 ...

Troubleshoot faster with process-level app and network data

Easily correlate traces and network data by process ID to pinpoint issues more accurately.

Correlate software performance and resource consumption with new saved views in Live Processes

Live Processes tracks third-party software throughout your infrastructure.

Generate process metrics to analyze historical trends in resource consumption

Learn how you can create metrics from your hosts’ processes to track long-term resource consumption trends ...

Diagnosing out-of-memory errors on Linux

Datadog can help you discover the cause of Linux OOM errors and prevent them from hobbling your systems.

Monitoring AWS Lambda with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog to collect metrics, traces, and logs from your AWS Lambda functions.

Monitor systemd with Datadog

Use Datadog's systemd integration to track the health and performance of your units.

Monitor your Arm VMs with Datadog

Use the Datadog Agent for Arm to monitor your scalable compute workloads.

Announcing Windows support in Datadog process monitoring

We're pleased to announce that Datadog's Live Process monitoring is now available for Windows.

Introducing Live Process monitoring in Datadog

Explore, inspect, and monitor every running process in your distributed infrastructure with the new Live ...

Monitor process resource consumption at a glance

Monitor process resource consumption alongside your aggregate host-level resource consumption with Datadog.

Supervisor monitors your processes. Datadog monitors Supervisor.

Monitor Supervisor managed process counts, uptimes, and states automatically with the Datadog integration, as ...

Monitoring Apache processes with Datadog

Learn how monitoring Apache with Datadog's built in process monitoring function and advanced graphing features ...