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Unify your OpenTelemetry and Datadog experience with the embedded OTel Collector in the Agent

The Datadog Agent now embeds a fully configurable OpenTelemetry (OTel) Collector. Learn how you can take ...

Prioritize vulnerability remediation with Datadog SCA

See the full context of each vulnerability and its impact on your running code.

Ingest OpenTelemetry logs with the Datadog Agent

Learn how to use the Datadog Agent to directly ingest OTLP logs from your OpenTelemetry-instrumented ...

Import Backstage YAML files into Datadog to manage all your services in one place

Streamline your service definition with Service Catalog support for Backstage YAML.

Monitor runtime metrics from OTel-instrumented apps with Datadog APM

Learn how to visualize and monitor runtime metrics from your OpenTelemetry-instrumented applications.

Datadog's commitment to OpenTelemetry and the open source community

Learn about Datadog's support for the OpenTelemetry project and our contributions to the open source ...

Forward logs from the OpenTelemetry Collector with the Datadog Exporter

Add the Datadog Exporter to your OpenTelemetry pipeline to collect and correlate logs and traces.

Send metrics and traces from OpenTelemetry Collector to Datadog via Datadog Exporter

Learn how the OpenTelemetry Collector Datadog Exporter enables you to monitor metrics and traces in Datadog ...

Ingest OpenTelemetry traces and metrics with the Datadog Agent

The Datadog Agent supports OpenTelemetry Protocol, enabling you to reliably ingest telemetry from apps that ...

Monitor Flutter application performance with Datadog Mobile RUM

Get visibility into your Flutter app performance and user experience with Datadog Mobile RUM.

Profiling Improvements in Go 1.18

How several patches and fixes in Go 1.18 bring improved profiling accuracy.

Interview with Uroš Gruber

An interview with Uroš Gruber, life-long technologist and maintainer of the FreeBSD port of the Datadog Agent.

Get better RUM data with our custom React components

Learn how to get more insight into the frontend performance of your React applications with Datadog’s custom ...

Datadog Mobile RUM now supports React Native monitoring

Get visibility into errors, latency, and more—and improve user experience.

Engineering Spotlight: Maël Nison

Engineering Spotlight: Maël Nison, maintainer of Yarn

PHP 8: Observability Baked Right In

What the observer API means for PHP 8 and the future of observability

Introducing Glommio, a Thread-per-Core Crate for Rust & Linux

Glommio (pronounced glom-io or |glomjəʊ|) is a cooperative thread-per-core crate for Rust & Linux based on ...

AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry sends metrics and traces to Datadog

The AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry enables customers to send telemetry data to any supported backend service, ...

Instrument your Python applications with Datadog and OpenTelemetry

Learn how to instrument your Python applications with Datadog's exporter for OpenTelemetry.

Computing Accurate Percentiles with DDSketch

Introducing DDSketch, the first fully-mergeable, relative-error quantile sketching algorithm with formal ...

The future of tracing is open

Datadog is pleased to contribute our tracing libraries to the OpenTelemetry project to advance open source, ...

Secure Publication of Datadog Agent Integrations with TUF and in-toto

How to guarantee end-to-end security when using automation to package and publish Datadog Agent integrations

Performance monitoring with OpenTracing, OpenCensus, and OpenMetrics

Learn how the OpenTracing, OpenCensus, and OpenMetrics projects contribute to application performance ...

Interview with Brett Langdon

An interview with Brett Langdon, author of node-dogapi and long-time Datadog community member.

Interview with Zach Daniel

An interview with Zach Daniel, author of Spandex: a Datadog library for Elixir.

Introducing Kafka-Kit: Tools for Scaling Kafka

Today, we're open-sourcing Kafka-Kit, a toolset for scaling and recovering Kafka.

Using Datadog APM to improve the performance of Homebrew

Using Datadog to find performance bottlenecks, and contrasting tentative solutions using performance ...

Robust Statistical Distances for Machine Learning

Designing powerful outlier and anomaly detection algorithms requires using the right tools. Discover how ...

Piecewise regression: when one line simply isn’t enough

A piecewise regression can model multiple trends in a single data set. Learn how Datadog automates piecewise ...

Redux-Doghouse – Creating Reusable React-Redux Components Through Scoping

Today, we're open-sourcing Redux-Doghouse, a library for Redux that helps you scope components so that they ...

Releasing czlib and zstd Go Bindings

To commemorate the third annual GopherCon US in Denver this week, we're releasing cgo bindings to two ...

Introducing developer mode for the Agent

Developer mode allows developers all over the world contribute to the open-source Datadog Agent with an easy ...

Where is open source monitoring going?

We are proud to sponsor the very first edition of Monitorama, the conference of open source monitoring that ...