Monitoring Guide | Datadog

​​Key metrics for CoreDNS monitoring

Monitor these CoreDNS metrics to optimize the performance of your Kubernetes clusters.

​​Tools for collecting metrics and logs from CoreDNS

Learn the tools you can use to collect metrics and logs from CoreDNS.

How to monitor CoreDNS with Datadog

Monitor the performance of your CoreDNS service and the infrastructure it runs on.

Key metrics for monitoring Cilium

Learn about the key metrics for monitoring the health of your Cilium-managed pods and network.

Monitor Cilium and Kubernetes performance with Hubble

Learn how Hubble provides visibility into the health and performance of your Cilium-managed Kubernetes ...

Monitor Cilium-managed infrastructure with Datadog

Learn how Datadog enables you to monitor the health and performance of your Cilium infrastructure and network.

Key metrics for monitoring Azure SQL databases

Learn about the key metrics you need to monitor in order to fully understand the health and performance of ...

Monitor Azure SQL databases with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog to monitor the health and performance of your Azure SQL Database instances and pools.

Tools for collecting Azure SQL Database data

Learn how you can use Azure's suite of tools to collect and query data from your Azure SQL databases.

Secure HashiCorp Vault with Datadog Cloud SIEM

Learn about HashiCorp Vault security threats and how to detect them with Datadog.

Amazon EFS monitoring tools

Learn to use Amazon EFS monitoring tools to collect EFS metrics and logs.

EFS Monitoring with Datadog

EFS monitoring with Datadog gives you deep visibility into EFS and other AWS services.