Dashboards | Datadog

Track changes to Datadog dashboards and notebooks with version history

Learn how you can use version history to confidently experiment with Datadog dashboards and notebooks.

Showcase dashboards securely and effortlessly with Skykit’s offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Provide secure, tailored, always-on visibility by displaying Datadog dashboards wherever you need them with ...

Save dashboard widgets in reusable groups with Powerpacks

Using Powerpacks, you can group together widgets to scale and democratize monitoring expertise as fast as you ...

Get immediate visibility into Azure Kubernetes Service with Datadog's powerful AKS dashboard

See how our new out-of-the-box AKS dashboard visualizes AKS resource log data, enabling you to monitor your ...

Filter dashboards faster with template variable available values

Learn how to get the most out of your dashboards with our new template variable workflow.

Best practices for monitoring a cloud migration

Learn how to use Datadog to plan, execute, and monitor your migration to the cloud.

Create powerful data visualizations with the new Datadog dashboards experience

Learn how the new dashboard layout enables you to visualize and correlate your monitoring data with intuitive ...

Use Datadog's Notebooks API to programmatically manage your notebooks

Learn how the Notebooks API lets you create and update your notebooks from within your existing workflows.

Speed up your dashboard workflow with dynamic template variable syntax

Learn how to use dynamic template variable syntax to get more functionality out of fewer template variables.

How to monitor HashiCorp Vault with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog to monitor HashiCorp Vault metrics and logs.

Use Datadog geomaps to visualize your app data by location

Learn how geomaps can help you identify problems and guide decision-making using country codes.

Use associated template variables to refine your dashboards

Filter your data and focus your dashboards with associated template variables.