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Quickly spot and revert faulty deployments with Change Overlays

Visualize deployments in the context of your telemetry data to determine how specific changes impact the ...

Track changes to Datadog dashboards and notebooks with version history

Learn how you can use version history to confidently experiment with Datadog dashboards and notebooks.

Showcase dashboards securely and effortlessly with Skykit’s offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Provide secure, tailored, always-on visibility by displaying Datadog dashboards wherever you need them with ...

Save dashboard widgets in reusable groups with Powerpacks

Using Powerpacks, you can group together widgets to scale and democratize monitoring expertise as fast as you ...

Get immediate visibility into Azure Kubernetes Service with Datadog's powerful AKS dashboard

See how our new out-of-the-box AKS dashboard visualizes AKS resource log data, enabling you to monitor your ...

Filter dashboards faster with template variable available values

Learn how to get the most out of your dashboards with our new template variable workflow.

Best practices for monitoring a cloud migration

Learn how to use Datadog to plan, execute, and monitor your migration to the cloud.

Create powerful data visualizations with the new Datadog dashboards experience

Learn how the new dashboard layout enables you to visualize and correlate your monitoring data with intuitive ...

Use Datadog's Notebooks API to programmatically manage your notebooks

Learn how the Notebooks API lets you create and update your notebooks from within your existing workflows.

Speed up your dashboard workflow with dynamic template variable syntax

Learn how to use dynamic template variable syntax to get more functionality out of fewer template variables.

How to monitor HashiCorp Vault with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog to monitor HashiCorp Vault metrics and logs.

Use Datadog geomaps to visualize your app data by location

Learn how geomaps can help you identify problems and guide decision-making using country codes.

Use associated template variables to refine your dashboards

Filter your data and focus your dashboards with associated template variables.

Share Datadog dashboards securely with anyone outside of your organization

Learn how to grant specific individuals access to your dashboards, and use time selectors and template ...

Explore your data effortlessly with the Datadog Clipboard

Keep signals across contexts and streamline incident, dashboard, and notebook creation.

Tell data-driven stories with Collaborative Notebooks

Learn how Datadog Notebooks support live editing and comments so teams can collaborate to build rich, ...

Introducing template variable saved views for dashboards

Saved views let anyone in your organization save sets of selected template variables so they can filter dashboards with one click and quickly view the data they need.

COVID-19 resources from Datadog

When it comes to fighting COVID-19, we're all trying to do our part. See how Datadog and others are working to ...

Copy and paste widgets to share data across teams and dashboards

Collaborate on dashboards with the copy/paste widgets feature.

Understand, explore, and collaborate with Dashboard Details

Read about various dashboard features, discover similar dashboards for extra context, and find power users for ...

Monitor MBTA service status and performance with Datadog

Taking the T? Check the status of your line with our new dashboard.

New dashboards for popular Azure services

Get faster visibility into your Azure environment with these new out-of-the-box dashboards.

Log analytics and dashboarding in Datadog

Advanced log analytics in Datadog enables you to seamlessly unite your log data with metrics from your ...

Monitor SQL Server performance with Datadog

Spot SQL Server performance issues using metrics, tracing, and log management.

New in Datadog: Organize your dashboards with lists

Reduce noise by grouping your favorite dashboards into lists that you can easily access and share across ...

New dashboards for in-depth Apache Cassandra monitoring

The Last Pickle and Datadog team up to bring you a new set of dashboards to help you monitor your Cassandra ...

Query value widgets: Now with animated GIFs

Use conditional formatting to jazz up your query value widgets with custom images.

Monitoring the NYC subway system with Datadog

See at a glance whether your subway line is up and running with our new dashboard.

Introducing new scaled algorithms for improved outlier detection

Our new outlier detection algorithms take magnitude and dispersion into account for better alerting.

Cheering on coworkers: Building culture with Datadog dashboards

One of our colleagues, Christian, is participating in a tremendous 6-day-run challenge. Yes, you read that ...

Introducing anomaly detection in Datadog

Anomaly detection analyzes recent metric patterns to identify abnormalities.

Dashing Dashboard Competition

Have you built beautiful dashboards with Datadog? If so, the Datadog team would love to showcase your hard ...

Add Datadog to PagerDuty

On-call teams, rejoice! PagerDuty’s Add-ons puts the power of Datadog dashboards and graphs directly within ...

Monitoring Pokémon GO service status: Datadog catches it all

Every time Pokémon GO won’t work correctly, you can now check www.IsPokemonGODownOrNot.com to see if it’s just ...

Metric graphs 101: Summary graphs

Learn how to effectively use summary graphs: visualizations that ​flatten​ a particular span of time to ...

Units and descriptions: Understand any metric

We've just rolled out a comprehensive metadata catalog, with measurement units and brief descriptions for some ...

Introducing Change Graphs: Compare metrics over time

Change Graphs are designed to help you instantly measure changes by highlighting differences in your metrics ...

Monitoring 101: Investigating performance issues

Once your monitoring system has notified you of real performance issues that require attention, its next job ...

Send custom events from your Microsoft .NET application

Events can now be sent straight from Microsoft .NET to DogStatsD. This allows you to correlate events ...

Easy ranking with the new Top Lists

Identify and understand the best- or worst-performing components in your infrastructure with Top Lists for ...

Visualize StatsD metrics with Counts Graphing

Counts graphing is a new Datadog tool that will make it easier for you to choose the right visualization for ...

Customize graphs and dashboards with graph markers

Graph markers give you the power to further customize your dashboard graphs making it easier to interpret the ...

Rank and filter performance metrics with top() function

The top() family of functions give you the power to rank, filter and visualize your performance metrics to ...

Your entire AWS infrastructure's health at a glance

Learn how to quickly assess the health of your entire Amazon infrastructure including deep EC2 monitoring.

Detecting outliers in cloud infrastructure with Datadog heatmaps

Datadog's new heatmaps use color brightness as a third dimension to let you instantly identify patterns for a ...

ScreenBoards: Your data, your way, in seconds

ScreenBoards. Did the world need yet another dashboard? Yes!

Daily Digests - Understand a Day's App Performance in Seconds

Announcing the release of Datadog's new Daily Digest functionality, which allows for you to see a day's app ...