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Enhance your visibility into OTel-instrumented apps in AWS Lambda

Learn how Datadog provides rich insights into serverless app performance using your existing OpenTelemetry ...

Monitor Amazon Bedrock with Datadog

Learn how to monitor your foundation models' usage, API performance, error rate, and more with Datadog's ...

Understanding Request Latency with Profiling

Learn how to use Datadog’s Java wallclock profiler to reduce latency in a Java application.

Manage API performance, security, and ownership with Datadog API Catalog

Learn how Datadog API Catalog enables you to build a comprehensive knowledge base of your APIs, monitor their ...

Seamlessly correlate DBM and APM telemetry to understand end-to-end query performance

Link telemetry from DBM and APM to accelerate troubleshooting and streamline collaboration.

Leverage user context to debug mobile performance issues with the Instabug Datadog Marketplace offering

Learn how you can quickly troubleshoot mobile usability issues by using Apdex scores and bug reports from the ...

Visualize service ownership and application boundaries in the Service Map

Learn how to help your entire organization quickly grasp evolving microservice architectures in order to ...

Pinpoint performance issues in downstream services with the Dependency Map Navigator

Learn how to quickly trace issues like load amplification to the source in order to troubleshoot and optimize ...

Monitor runtime metrics from OTel-instrumented apps with Datadog APM

Learn how to visualize and monitor runtime metrics from your OpenTelemetry-instrumented applications.

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ 2023でDatadogが、APMとオブザーバビリティのリーダーに選出

Datadogは、2023年のGartner® Magic Quadrant™ で、APMとオブザーバビリティのリーダーに選出されました。

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Monitor Azure OpenAI with Datadog

Learn how you can optimize the performance of your Azure OpenAI instances with Datadog.