Real-Time Graph Annotations | Datadog

Real-time graph annotations

Author Isaac Sadaqah

Published: March 16, 2015

Communication is the backbone of a great devops team. When business-critical metrics shift in your infrastructure, it’s important to loop in the rest of the team quickly. So today we’re rolling out real-time graph annotations, which let you highlight the noteworthy occurrences you find on metric graphs and immediately start a conversation with your team.

Add graph annotations instantly

To add an annotation, click a graph’s snapshot icon, mark the interesting region, and tell everyone what’s happening. You can also join an existing conversation by clicking on the author’s avatar for an annotation.

Real time graph annotations

Share annotations through all your ops channels

Annotations play nicely with Datadog’s integrations, so you can send annotated graph snapshots to your Slack or Hipchat chat rooms, Pagerduty notifications, or your team’s mailing lists–all with a simple @mention.

If you’d like to get your team talking about notable occurrences in your graphs, sign up for a and try real-time annotations for yourself.