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Monitor AWS SNS metrics with Datadog

Author Seth Rosenblum

Published: 2月 12, 2015

We recently launched Datadog’s integration with SNS, Amazon’s push messaging service. This integration:

  1. Lets Datadog send and receive SNS notifications
  2. Allows you to correlate SNS messages with SNS metrics being gathered by Datadog
  3. Provides a preconfigured dashboard to give you a high-level overview of your Amazon SNS environment

Send notifications through SNS

With this new integration you can automatically fire off Datadog alerts via SNS–say, as push notifications to your support engineers’ mobile phones. SNS can also send email or text messages, or send notifications to SQS queues or to any HTTP endpoint.

See SNS notifications in your stream

You can also capture SNS messages in your event stream by subscribing Datadog to a “topic” (SNS access point). If an SNS message is published to that topic, it will be pushed to Datadog using a webhook so that you can see your SNS activity alongside your other events and metrics.

SNS metrics

Key SNS metrics

Datadog captures key metrics from Amazon Cloudwatch about SNS, including the number and size of published messages, how many notifications are being successfully delivered, and how many failed to deliver.

SNS metrics dashboard

Datadog’s SNS dashboard displays these metrics in a way that makes it easy to monitor the health and activity levels of your SNS environment. The dashboard shows your SNS traffic over time, which of your topics are the most active, your delivery rates (and failure rates), and a snapshot of your recent SNS stream.

SNS metrics

SNS is a versatile service, and this integration opens up all kinds of new uses. If you’re not currently a Datadog customer, sign up for a . You’ll be able to see your servers, your clouds, your metrics, and your apps, all in one place.