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Store and manage Datadog configurations as code with Performetriks’ offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Author Gillian McGarvey

Published: 7月 28, 2022

Performetriks is a service provider that specializes in assessing and improving application performance and security for enterprise clients. To streamline these processes, Performetriks offers frameworks for automation, benchmarking, and security testing, as well as tools that evaluate and improve application performance. This includes their Composer tool, an on-prem piece of software that allows teams to more efficiently manage monitoring settings by storing, tracking, and managing them as code.

We’re pleased to announce that the Performetriks Composer for Datadog tool is now available in the Datadog Marketplace. Using Composer, you can easily document and store Datadog configuration settings as JSON files and then check them into a repository in a version control system (VCS), such as GitLab, where you can track and manage them. When your monitoring settings are stored in a VCS, you can use a CI/CD pipeline tool to automate backing up or deploying configuration settings to multiple Datadog environments.

Performetriks Composer for Datadog main screen with Create New Configuration button.
The home screen of the Composer for Datadog tool allows you to create a new Datadog configuration JSON file, which you can then manage as code.

Streamline coordination among Datadog administrators and environments

If several admins manage your Datadog environment, it’s important that everyone is on the same page when settings such as monitors, dashboards, and SLOs are adjusted. Storing Datadog configurations as code means that any administrator with access to the repository can easily track and detect the most recent changes using all the tools that a VCS provides.

By enabling you to create reusable configurations, Composer lets you deploy uniform, consistent monitoring to every Datadog environment. You can easily port existing configurations to other Datadog environments by cloning the repository and using Composer to upload the configuration to the org. Admins can also use a CI/CD pipeline tool, such as Jenkins, to automatically deploy configurations that are stored using Composer.

Easily repair and restore Datadog configurations

Configuration errors can be challenging to remediate manually, because issues can be difficult to pinpoint and time-consuming to resolve. Having backups of former configurations on hand can help. When you use Composer to store your monitoring settings in a repository, you can maintain backups of configurations for multiple Datadog environments. You can start a backup ad hoc using the Composer UI, or automate backups as part of a CI/CD pipeline.

When errors are discovered, Composer’s Upload and Restore features make it easy to upload an existing monitoring configuration to a new environment or to restore a working configuration to replace a broken one. For example, if a Datadog user accidentally deletes a dashboard, admins can use Composer to easily restore the configuration settings from before the unwanted change was made.

Performetriks Composer for Datadog Restore screen where users can restore dashboards, monitors, and SLOs.
The Restore screen of the Composer for Datadog tool, where you can restore a prior Datadog configuration.

Get started in the Datadog Marketplace

Composer for Datadog is now available for purchase in the Datadog Marketplace, allowing you to start implementing a monitoring-as-code solution using Datadog. If you’re not yet a Datadog customer, you can learn more about the Datadog Marketplace in our blog post—and sign up for a 14-day free trial of Datadog today.

The ability to promote branded monitoring tools in the Datadog Marketplace is one of the benefits of membership in the Datadog Partner Network. If you’re interested in developing an integration or application for the Datadog Marketplace, visit the Datadog Partner Network and sign up as a Technology Partner.