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Learn from your alerts with the weekly Monitor Trend Report

Author Conor Branagan

Published: 6月 8, 2015

Have you set up monitors in Datadog to be alerted when things go wrong? If so, read on. Monitors are the first step towards learning about your applications’ and services’ performance. Monitors are inherently all about what is happening in real-time: you get alerted, you investigate, fix the issue and move on. At the end of the week, the details of what occurred when, may become blurry and subject to cognitive bias.

Automatically receive alert reports

So at the beginning of each week you will find a weekly report in your inbox that highlights incontrovertible trends in your monitoring activity. The Monitor Trends Report lets you to clearly identify:

  1. The services in your infrastructure that have had availability or performance issues, and whether these issues are new or recurring.
  2. Whether alerts have hourly/daily/weekly patterns.
  3. Which people have been notified most frequently.

Fix what matters most, week after week

With this report you can prioritize work to fix availability and performance issues on the services that need it the most, for instance:

  1. The loudest server overall.
  2. Services that wake people up at night.
  3. Services that see a drastic change in their alert volume week-over-week.

As a bonus this report will help you fine-tune your monitoring by letting you review monitors that trigger often or at odd hours.

alert reports

The Monitor Trends Report lets you focus on week-by-week changes or zoom out to look at periods as long as 6 months. You can also view the monitors that are triggering the most alerts, as well as the most common types of alerts in your environment.

All of this data is ready for you to explore within Datadog or via the weekly email summary.

To identify alerting trends in your own environment, sign up for a of Datadog.