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Datadog achieves ISO 27701 Processor certification for customer data privacy

Author Thomas Sobolik
Technical Content Writer
Author Cameron Damavandi
Privacy Manager

Published: 4月 28, 2023

With the establishment of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the expanding international landscape of data protection laws, organizations today face complex requirements and heightened scrutiny when it comes to data privacy. In addition, public awareness of data exploitation and digital surveillance is growing, and individuals are more concerned than ever about data privacy.

Datadog is committed to upholding data privacy and helping our customers maintain the security and privacy of their monitoring and observability data. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Datadog has achieved the ISO 27701 Processor Certification for data privacy. Datadog’s compliance with ISO 27701 provides assurance that Datadog operates and maintains a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) that aligns with the most current laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.

In this post, we’ll discuss what earning the ISO 27701 certification means, as well as how Datadog’s ISO 27701 compliance supports your organization’s efforts to meet its own data privacy obligations.

Earning our ISO 27701 certification

Datadog’s ISO 27701 certification confirms our continued compliance with ISO 27001, and demonstrates that we have implemented a comprehensive, self-governed, and observable system for managing personal information in accordance with ISO 27701’s Processor requirements. Our PIMS is designed to protect the personal information that customers send us from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure, and to ensure that the privacy rights of our customers’ end users are maintained.

ISO 27701 contains separate certifications for data controllers and data processors. Our Processor certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers’ observability and monitoring data, and ensures that Datadog is well-positioned to follow the rapidly changing climate of international data privacy requirements. Consequently, this means that your organization can continue to rely on Datadog’s monitoring services as you build and maintain your own data privacy compliance programs.

Ensure the privacy of your users’ data

At Datadog, we take our responsibility to protect your monitoring and observability data seriously. Achieving the ISO 27701 Processor certification offers assurance that we have implemented privacy and security controls designed to protect the data you send us. This helps you maintain your organization’s compliance with its own data privacy and security requirements without complicating your procurement process. And most importantly, it helps you assure your customers that their personal information is well protected.

Datadog is committed to providing a secure, compliant, and comprehensive monitoring solution for all customers. In addition to being ISO 27701 compliant, we also provide a HIPAA-compliant observability and security solution for healthcare and life science organizations, PCI-compliant monitoring and governance for any organizations that process cardholder data, and TISAX compliance for the automotive industry.

To learn more about privacy and security at Datadog, see our privacy portal and security portal. Or, if you’re brand new to Datadog, sign up for a to get started.