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ScreenBoards: Your data, your way, in seconds

Author Olivier Pomel

Published: 6月 11, 2013

We’re excited to release today our new synthetic dashboards designed to perfectly fit on your screen or NOC monitor. We call them ScreenBoards.

Really, you may ask… Did the world need yet another dashboard? Yes! You made it abundantly clear when using Datadog, and we saw savvy devops teams again and again painstakingly building their own custom dashboards to get critical data across their IT infrastructure to fit on one screen.

What’s new and exciting about ScreenBoards

  • They’re super easy to create and lay out: if you’ve used powerpoint in your life, you can create beautiful, live ScreenBoards in minutes. It’s that simple.
  • ScreenBoards let you control the flow and information and add notes or call-outs to guide the reader so you can tell a story, not just share metrics.
  • You can easily share read-only ScreenBoards with others, be they another team, your CIO or your customers.
  • ScreenBoards bring together data from all your Datadog integrations. Anything from Github commits to Chef runs to AWS metrics to Pagerduty alerts. And other sources.
  • ScreenBoards support varied widget types: time-series, color-coded numbers, event streams, text notes, images… and we’re only getting started.


Use ScreenBoards to tell your story

We gave early access to some of you, Datadog customers, and you surprised us with the many capabilities you developed, such as:

  • High-level dashboards for the C-suite to follow IT data in real-time
  • Tailored KPIs shared with your customers - along with enough explanations to see the big picture
  • Dev or Ops facing diagnostics dashboards linking the top-level metrics with each and every system in the corresponding stack, and even explaining how the graphs should be read.
  • Synthetic dashboards mixing business metrics with IT system performance, for the whole team to share.

We’ve included a few examples of our own below - they were all assembled in minutes and required the same amount of effort as creating a presentation slide. Your imagination is the limit, so to try them yourself.

Sobotka ScreenBoard
CIO-level ScreenBoard
CI-dash ScreenBoard full screen