Introducing Availability Monitoring for Windows Services | Datadog

Introducing availability monitoring for Windows Services

Author Remi Hakim

Published: 3月 2, 2015

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added Windows Service checks to Datadog, available in Datadog Agent 5.2. Services are a core component of Windows and are responsible for spawning processes required for the OS and third-party applications to operate. By configuring checks for your Windows Services you’ll have full visibility into their availability status (up or down) and can get notifications when a service stops running. The Datadog Windows Service integration supports both native services such as Windows Remote Management and Windows Task Scheduler along with applications like MS Exchange, MS SQL, or third-party services.

Monitor your Windows Services

Once Windows Service checks have been configured in the Datadog Agent, they can be used to build Monitors for notification purposes. You can create Monitors that fire only after a certain number of service checks fail, if a service is in a specific state after a certain number of checks, or based on a simple up/down check.

Monitor Availability of Windows Services

Avoid noisy alerts

For example, consider a service that sometimes reports transient failures but usually recovers on its own. You might only want to be notified if the service is shown as down for three consecutive checks.

Monitor Availability of Windows Services

Notify your team

Alerts related to Windows Service checks, like others generated by Datadog, can be emailed directly to your team, forwarded through one of our many third-party integrations such as PagerDuty, or posted to chat services such as Slack.

Unified monitoring for windows applications

With the addition of this new Datadog integration, users gain a holistic view of their servers and applications for all critical Windows components:

If you’re already a Datadog customer, get started with the integration here. To try out Windows Service checks for your own environment, sign up for a of Datadog.