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Datadog, now with Windows support

Author Conor Branagan

Published: 11月 9, 2012


We are happy to announce that we now support Windows. With a quick install of our brand new Windows agent, you will be able to start capturing system and application metrics for correlation and aggregation across your entire infrastructure.

We have out-of-the-box support for all StatsD clients, supporting .NET, Python, Ruby and more. With only a few small code changes, you can capture key metrics from your applications to correlate with other parts of your infrastruture.

Read more about getting metrics into Datadog on our Metrics documentation.

New Windows Integrations

For a true Windows monitoring experience, Datadog had to support more than just system metrics. We had to make sure we supported the standard Windows Server applications.

So as part of the Windows release we’re releasing three new Windows integrations: SQL Server, IIS and Event Viewer. Check them out on our Integrations page.

windows integrations

Like our other database integrations, the SQL Server integration captures key performance counters that are vital for tracking your database performance.

We send 10 different performance metrics out of the box but you can easily add any additional counters found in the sys.dm_os_performance_counters table by changing the integration configuration.

windows integrations

Another standard in the Windows Server toolbox is Microsoft’s web server: IIS. Like our other web server integrations, we capture all of key performance counters like network traffic, requests per second and request methods.

windows integrations

With the Datadog Windows Event Viewer integration you can turn application and system events into Datadog events. The integration allows you to set up a variety of different filters on Windows events so you can capture only what matters to you.

For example, it may be useful to capture SQL Server errors so that you can correlate them against your Web application performance. To do this you can simply set up a filter that captures all events with the error type from the MSSQLSERVER source. You can even specify a list of custom tags to associate with these types of events, like #sqlserver.

And if you want more it’s easy to write your own application checks. Check out our Guide to Agent Checks to get started.

windows integrations

Why Windows?

At Datadog we are striving to be the solution for monitoring across your entire infrastructure. We know that many organizations have hybrid infrastructures, from legacy Linux machines to brand new Windows servers.

If this kind of thing sounds appealing, you should .