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Announcing TISAX-compliant observability for the automotive industry and its suppliers

Author Aaron Kaplan

Published: 11月 29, 2022

Many organizations face complex regulatory requirements when it comes to monitoring the health and performance of their service and application infrastructure. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a comprehensive monitoring solution for all customers, we’re pleased to announce that Datadog has achieved TISAX Assessment Level 2 (AL2) certification. This certification confirms that Datadog is equipped to handle data with a high need for protection according to the strict TISAX standards maintained by the ENX Association, meaning that organizations in the automotive industry in Germany and elsewhere can confidently rely on Datadog as a comprehensive, TISAX-compliant monitoring solution.

Understanding TISAX compliance

The Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) is an evaluative framework that defines and implements information security standards for the automotive industry in Germany and other parts of Europe, as well as its entire supply chain. TISAX is administered by the ENX Association on behalf of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), and specifies a consistent, standardized approach to core elements of information security, such as data protection and exchanges with third parties. Organizations that are bound by TISAX requirements must also be scrupulous of the compliance of their business partners and service providers. This is, of course, particularly important when it comes to handling sensitive customer data, which infrastructure and application performance monitoring often pick up by way of logging.

Datadog achieved TISAX AL2 certification through an in-depth assessment of our Information Security Management System by an independent ENX-accredited auditor. Industry representatives registered with ENX can find the details of Datadog’s TISAX assessment via the ENX portal, by searching for Datadog, our Assessment ID (AYAAH2-1), or our AL2 scope ID (SZMR13).

TISAX security and compliance with Datadog

With our TISAX AL2 certification, organizations in the automotive industry and its supply chain can now rely on Datadog for end-to-end visibility into the health, performance, and security of their cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and services, while upholding the strict data security standards dictated by TISAX.

Datadog is committed to providing a secure, compliant, and comprehensive monitoring solution for all customers. In addition to being GDPR and ISO 27001–compliant, we also provide a HIPAA-compliant observability and security solution for healthcare and life science organizations, and PCI-compliant monitoring and governance for any organizations that process credit cardholder data.

If you’re seeking a TISAX-compliant monitoring solution, get started with Datadog today. If you aren’t already familiar with Datadog, sign up for a 14-day .