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Recapping Datadog Summit Denver 2022

Author Kirk Kaiser
Author Kaylyn Sigler

Published: 5月 2, 2022

After a two-year hiatus, Datadog customer summits are back. And what better place to begin in-person again than in sunny Denver, Colorado!

This year, Datadog Summit included a series of technical talks, hands-on workshops, and small-group Q&A sessions. We discussed how to better scale container operations, how to improve processes like on-call, and how to create smoother feature releases. We introduced automated root cause analysis with Watchdog RCA, live container resource maps, and recent Log Management advances. In addition, Datadog users and partners shared their own diverse experiences: Scott Berke from Slice used Datadog to build out the infrastructure they needed to power their search, and Brian Lokey, Engineering Leader at Kandji, shared how they scaled their development teams during hyper-growth of their company.

You can watch some of the product announcements and talks below or see the entire playlist here.

Security is everyone’s job - Linux vulnerabilities in production infra

Security vulnerabilities can show up anywhere in production. Datadog’s Nick Davis discusses how security is everyone’s job, and how teams with more than security in their title worked together to mitigate the DirtyPipe vulnerability in the Linux kernel 5.8 and up. He goes through the vulnerability, how orgs could be at risk from it (with examples) and then how we mitigated the risk at Datadog.

Searching for a Slice: how we built a search pipeline to power a robust search experience (Slice)

In this talk, Scott Berke from Slice describes the process of building out the infrastructure to power the search at Slice. Along the way, we learn about the many details that become important in building a consistent search and some of the unexpected ways they reused search internally to drive growth.

CI & shift-left observability

Borja Burgos from Datadog talks about what shift-left observability means, some of its core principles, and the benefits you can get by implementing it.

Empowering developer teams during hyper-growth (Kandji)

Brian Lokey, Engineering Leader at Kandji, shows how they empower their developers to get things done while significantly scaling up the size of their team. Brian discusses infrastructure as code, GitOps and democratized deployments, observability, and more.

You build it, you own it - Microservices operations with Datadog Service Catalog

Managing microservices requires understanding many dependencies, both technical and operational. Brooke Chen of Datadog introduces the Service Catalog, a new view combining telemetry, performance, topology, and metadata to enable an at-a-glance understanding of even the most complex microservices architectures.

Sharing Safely - Build a modern compliance strategy for your observability data

Tori Teng of Datadog takes us through a real-world example of how a large financial services company was able to limit and mitigate the risk of leaking sensitive data by combining Sensitive Data Scanner with Log Management Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Troubleshooting in serverless applications

In this talk, Alex Cuoci of Datadog explains the basics of serverless and shows recent data and research demonstrating that at least one-in-five organizations used serverless in 2021. He runs through an example of how to deploy a serverless application in AWS, including discussing API Gateway, AppSync, Lambda functions, synchronous and batch processing, and persisting data, and how this gives you a more holistic view for how your serverless workloads are behaving across the entire stack.

Kubernetes at Datadog scale

When Datadog adopted Kubernetes we discovered some of these boundaries the hard way, and we continuously challenge and modify our infrastructure decisions in order to fit our use case. Ara Pulido shares what we learned as we scaled our Kubernetes clusters, the contributions to Kubernetes we made along the way, and how you can apply those learnings when growing your Kubernetes clusters from a handful to hundreds or thousands of nodes.

Simplify scaling your container operations with kubernetes

Our most recent container report showed that the average number of pods deployed by Kubernetes organizations is doubling. Watch Datadog’s John Kendall cover how to simplify the scaling of your container operations and cut through this increasing complexity with the new Live Container Resource Map.

Fast remediation w/ app observability - end-to-end monitoring, detection to resolution

Datadog’s own Omri Sass covers the ways in which our Application Performance Monitoring (APM) suite can help remediate problems faster. Learn more about the components that make up the suite as well as updates to Watchdog, with Impact Analysis and Root Cause Analysis.

Thanks to everyone who came to Datadog Summit Denver, and thanks to everyone who shared their wisdom! We look forward to meeting you at a future Summit if we missed you this time. You can view the entire playlist for the event here.