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Join us at Datadog Summit London

Author Jason Yee

Published: 9月 21, 2018

Datadog is built on community—from the engineers and SREs whose feedback helps us constantly improve, to the developers who share integrations that broaden the Datadog ecosystem. Datadog Summit is our celebration of community.

Our next Datadog Summit will be held on October 18 in London. We hope you’ll join us to meet and learn from others in the community, as well as from Datadog staff.

Sharing knowledge

At the summit you’ll hear from engineers and developers who were able to transform their organizations by building cultures of observability. You’ll also receive practical advice from community members who used the data and insights from Datadog to improve system performance and reliability.

At Datadog Summit Austin, Joaquin Casares shared tips for efficiently troubleshooting Cassandra.

Datadog staff will be there to show off the latest product features and answer your questions so you can get even more from the Datadog platform.

Alan Scherger (HomeAway) and Michael Gerstenhaber share how the HomeAway team monitors their Mesos clusters and Docker workloads at scale.

Diving deeper

Datadog Summit will also feature hands-on workshops covering infrastructure monitoring, distributed tracing, and log analytics—the three pillars of observability that allow you to understand how your systems are performing and to quickly find and resolve issues. Datadog Summit workshops include:

  • Datadog 101: Go from Datadog novice to pro in our accelerated training. We’ll show you the essential features of Datadog and how to get the most out of them.
  • Datadog APM: Learn how to instrument your applications to see how your services relate and quickly identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Datadog Log Analytics: See how you can not only drill down into logs to discover how and why issues occurred, but also uncover patterns and trends using your log data.
Get hands-on training from Datadog engineers in workshops.
Get hands-on training from Datadog engineers in workshops.

See you in London

Datadog Summit will be held at the Prospero House in Borough near the iconic London Bridge. Although the Summit is a free event, space is limited, so RSVP now to reserve your seat!