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Monitor third-party service statuses from Statuspage

Author Abril Loya McCloud

Published: 5月 26, 2016

The widespread use of external services has made tracking their availability a key part of maintaining infrastructure performance. Statuspage hosts status pages for many commonly used external services including Citrix, Twilio, Bitbucket, Travis CI, CircleCI, Codeship, Segment, Keen IO, KISSmetrics, and HipChat to communicate their availability status to customers and give updates during downtimes. Statuspage also provides the capability to follow the pages of any third-party service you may use within your environment.

Get alerts with our integration

With Datadog’s new Statuspage integration, you will be notified whenever one of the services you are following goes down. You can build Datadog alerts around these events or see them in context with other notifications in your event stream. By pulling these service change notifications into your events stream, you can easily overlay and correlate any issues reported by Statuspage with metrics across your infrastructure. By providing more contextual information, these events can help you quickly pinpoint third-party service issues that may affect your application performance. integration image incident in a Datadog event stream

You can annotate and discuss incidents being reported with your team directly within your event stream, closing the gap between event and investigation. You can also have your Datadog metrics exposed within Statuspage for providing timely updates to customers.

Easy setup

Setting up the Statuspage integration takes just a few minutes. Within the Datadog app, click on the Statuspage tile on the integrations page, then fill in the Statuspage URLs that you would like to track with their respective names (tags). integration image

The name assigned to each Statuspage URL will also serve as a tag for alerts as they appear in your event stream for easy identification and faster investigation.

Get started

If you’re already a Datadog customer and would like to track your third-party services’ statuses, set up our new Statuspage integration in just a few clicks. Otherwise, you can start a .