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Datadog acquires

Author Olivier Pomel

Published: 9月 7, 2017

We created Datadog in 2010 with the goal of providing unified and complete observability for teams spanning development, operations, and business lines in public and private cloud environments.

For the first phase of our observability roadmap we built a product that provides seamless, deep metrics coverage for all modern infrastructure components. Then, earlier this year, we launched our APM product to provide end-to-end tracing of requests and business transactions as well as automated instrumentation of applications.

Today we are very pleased to announce the addition of log processing and analytics to Datadog, through our acquisition of

The three pillars of observability

Why logs? In short, we believe that logs, when combined with other sources of information we collect, provide new insights forming the “three pillars of observability”:

  • Metrics are structured, lightweight, and easy to aggregate, providing fast insights into overall performance and quickly alerting you to potential issues
  • Traces provide end-to-end visibility into real requests, giving you a user-centric view of performance and exposing opportunities for optimization
  • Logs provide rich, open-ended context around discrete events, serving as an invaluable resource for debugging, auditing, or arbitrary analysis of usage data

We also firmly believe that collecting these data types is only a start, and the greatest value will come from the ability to seamlessly pivot between them and easily derive true understanding of the infrastructure, applications, and businesses they represent.

With the addition of Logmatic, Datadog now brings all three pillars together in one place.

Datadog + Logmatic

When we first encountered Logmatic, we were blown away by the product: it was visual, intuitive, and fast. Their customers loved them and the company was growing fast. Logmatic was also eerily aligned with the core design principles we had followed when building Datadog. We were similarly impressed with the Logmatic team. We knew that their experience building a SaaS product for high-scale log management would enable them to contribute immediately to our platform.

The Logmatic team has joined Datadog, and together we are hard at work, integrating the technology behind Logmatic into Datadog to provide a seamless customer experience. We’re planning to formally unveil our fully integrated product later this fall. Beta testers can apply to join our private beta here.

Stay tuned. We’re incredibly excited to show you what we’ve been building :-)